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We're throwing another Block Party and YOU'RE invited!

Announcing the B=Work Builders Block Party 2010!
Ryan's interview on local news.

Mark your calendar for October 24 2015 and plan to join us for thie years Work Builders Block Party! The party is all about making sets of Easy Builder Building Blocks which are all donated to local charity for kids in need. We'll need your help to make this a great success. We'll once again be donating our block sets to Helen Ross McNabb Center.
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Volunteers helping at the 2013 Work Builders Block Party!

At our last Block Party we were able to make 65 complete sets of Easy Builder building blocks! That means we made 780 individual blocks in just 3 hours. Let's see if we can do even better this time!
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Hi, I am Ryan

Hello! My name is Ryan Steadman and I am thrilled to have you at my webpage. Let me tell you about Work Builders. Work Builders is a company that I created when I was six. It sells large, child-friendly wooden building blocks, brightly colored with no lead and nontoxic paints. Easy Builders building blocksWork Builders are sold in "sets". Each set includes four large blocks, four medium sized blocks, and four small sized blocks all sanded and painted so that small children are safe from sharp edges and lead poisoning. Each set of blocks is shipped in a small, durable, draw-string bag that will not break and is good storage for toys. When each "Set" of blocks is sold, half of the profits go to charities like United Way, and the Helen Ross McNabb Center. Every once in a while, Work Builders holds a "Block Party" to make blocks for homeless,  abused, or children of abused people. People of the community come together to create blocks for the children that would otherwise have no toys at Christmastime. No profit comes from the Block Party as it is 100% nonprofit. This is Work Builders.

Look where my blocks go!

Interactive map showing my customers towns!I have had people buy my blocks from all over the United States! Look at my map that shows some of the towns where I have sent my blocks.

Is your town on my map of customers yet? Look and see right now!

So far the longest distance I have sent my Easy Builder blocks to is Phoenix, AZ! Where do you live?


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Notes from Ryan

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