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Ryan with block sets

Work Builders Block Party!

Prior to Saturday's charity project my Dad will have 1000 individual blocks cut for the project! That is enough to make up over 80 sets of Easy Builder building blocks!

There will be two basic tasks at hand during the day.

Sanding Blocks

First we sand the wood blocks to remove slivers and sharp edges from the cutting. This is to be sure that children do not get hurt when playing with the block sets. We sand the blocks by hand with sanding blocks or sand paper. If you can bring sanding materials that is great, but we will have some on hand.

Painting Blocks

After the blocks are sanded, we then paint the blocks using spray paint. We will be painting the blocks a variety of colors that kids will enjoy playing with. The paint is lead and toxin free. We will have face masks (not respirators) for those who don't like the paint fumes. If weather cooperates we hope to do this painting outside.

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Note from Ryan's Dad - If you are interested in helping Ryan with this effort please drop us a note via email. There are no reservations or sign-up required, but we would like to have a rough idea of potential attendance levels through your contact in advance.

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