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Volunteers at work!
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Spray painting the block sets

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Work Builders Block Party!

Wow, what a day! We cannot thank everyone enough!

Ryan, Gary and Collin SteadmanIn just two weeks time, this project went from original concept to fruition, just two weeks!

Our volunteer charity project was a greater success than we could have imagined. Attendance was great, support was fantastic and the results are in!

Here are the results:

  • Date: Saturday November 21, 2009
  • Over 100 people came to volunteer!
  • Over 1,200 wooden blocks were sanded and painted!
  • 102 Easy Builder building block sets made for charity!

Volunteers at workWe are putting all of these blocks into their sets and packaging them for delivery to our charity organizations. Both Toys for Tots and SOS Shelter are thrilled with what we were able to accomplish with the help of so many at Saturday's event. We will be making the donations within the next couple of weeks and will update this site when that happens! That will be a fun day for all of us.

Keep an eye on Dad's Blog as there will be new posts added to share some stories of the day and updates as our donations happen. It was a great day full of memorable exeriences for our family. Thank you again to all who came and made it such a special day!

Notes from Ryan

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