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Binghamton University welcomes Work Builders Block Party volunteers!

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Sanding wooden blocks, one at a time!

Volunteers at work!

Better than last year!

The Work Builders Block Party 2010 was a great success, better than last year! This year we had 175 volunteers in attendance aVolunteers at worknd they made 150 complete sets of Easy Builder building blocks. That is 1800 individual blocks sanded and painted! Every last set of blocks gets donated to local charity in the next few weeks!

Work Builders Block Party is a community volunteer project created by 7 year old Ryan Steadman. After starting his own business making building block sets for kids, Ryan decided he wanted to support charity. Through the Work Builders Block Party he is able to donate 75 sets of his Easy Builder building blocks to his chosen charities, Toys for Tots and SOS Shelter.

This year's Work Builders Block Party is Ryan's second and happened on Sunday November 14, 2010. Ryan's donations will happen soon and we will update this site with photos after they happen.

Keep an eye on Dad's Blog as there will be new posts added to let you know how everything goes.

Work Builders has a Facebook page too! Come and visit us there!

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Notes from Ryan

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