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Volunteers at work!

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Sanding wooden blocks, one at a time!

Volunteers at work!

Your tax deductible donation to SOS Shelter will support Work Builders Block Party!

The brainchild of 7 year old Ryan Steadman, this year Ryan's community volunteer project brought together 175 volunteers who Ryan with 100's of blocks!made 1,800 children's building blocks all donated to local charity in the next few weeks!

You can directly support Ryan's idea and the volunteers efforts though a tax deductible donation to SOS Shelter today!

Send a check payable to "SOS Shelter" with a memo stating "Work Builders Block Party" to:

Work Builders Block Party
1153 Powderhouse Road
Vestal, NY 13850

All funds from donations will be earmarked to cover costs of the Work Builders Block Party 2010. Thank you for your support!

Online donations: If you prefer to make your donation online please use one of the buttons below. Please note that these donations will go directly to Work Builders and therefore will not be tax deductible.

$100 donation -
$50 donation -
$25 donation -

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Notes from Ryan

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    To get more information write me an email at

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