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Easy Builder Building Block set

When is the next Block Party?

Saturday October 24, 2015
UT Forensic Anthropology Center
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Sanding wood blocks

Painting blocks at a Block Party

What is a Work Builders
Block Party?

Started by Ryan when he was just 6yrs old, this is a block party like no other. This is all about giving. A Work Builders Block Party is a one day event to which the public is invited. If you're reading this, YOU are invited. At these events we make building block toy sets for toddlers. EVERY set of building blocks we make is donated to local charity. Each set of building blocks contains 12 wood blocks in a variety of sizes, just as you see in the photo to the left. Each set has a cloth draw-string bag and the blocks are painted fun colors for the kids to enjoy.

These events are the brainchild of Ryan when he was age 6. This post and much of the early posts in Dad's Blog tell the story.

How do these parties work?

Blocks ready for Block PartyWe try to host a party each year. Anyone's welcome to attend and there's no cost to you. We start the day with hundreds upon hundreds of wood blocks which have been cut in advance. There's NO wood cutting on the day of the event and we provide all the materials needed.

Although our block party events usually last for a few hours, you're free to come and go as you please. Be there start to finish or come for a brief visit. Any help you offer is greatly appreciated!

What do we do at a Block Party?

There are two jobs you can help with at a Work Builders Block Party, sanding blocks and painting blocks.

Sanding Blocks

First we sand the wood blocks to remove slivers and sharp edges from the cutting. This is to be sure that children do not get hurt when playing with the block sets. We sand the blocks by hand with sanding blocks or sand paper. If you can bring sanding materials that is great, but we will have some on hand.

Painting Blocks

After the blocks are sanded, we then paint the blocks using spray paint. We will be painting the blocks a variety of colors that kids will enjoy playing with. The paint is lead and toxin free. We will have face masks (not respirators) for those who don't like the paint fumes. If weather cooperates we hope to do this painting outside.

What happens next?

The last parts of this project happen after the Block Party has ended. First we let the painted blocks dry for a couple of days. We then separate them into sets of 12 and put each set into a cloth bag. Now comes the fun part! We take every last set of blocks you helped us make and we donate them to local charities!

In all our previous Work Builders Block Parties combined we've donated over 350 sets of Easy Builder building blocks to charity! That's well over 4,000 blocks made!! We hope you'll come out and join us for our next Work Builders Block Party.

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Notes from Ryan

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