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If you buy my Easy Builder building blocks I will give half of my money [from profits - Dad's edit] to United Way.
United Way

Charity Support

I picked charities because I want to help other people a little bit. The charities I picked are Helen Ross McNabb Center and United Way. I want to give my charities a little bit of money and some of my blocks.

Can you please help these charities with me?

I think these are pretty good charities because they give to other people and help other people if they don't really have a home or are getting abused in some way.

I will tell you how you can help me now. I decided that when you buy my Easy Builder building blocks I will put half the money [from profits - Dad's edit] to United Way. For Helen Ross McNabb Center want to give them some of my blocks.

On Saturday December 7, 2013 we will be having the "Work Builders Block Party 2013" where everyone is invited to come and help us make building block sets for donation to charity. It will be a lot of fun and it feels good to do something good. More info here...

Notes from Ryan

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