About Ryan’s Dad

Gary H SteadmanHello, my name is Gary Steadman and I am Ryan’s Dad. This blog site is my place to tell the world about what he has been up to. I’m not really sure where exactly he is headed with his most recent project ideas, but something in my gut tells me it just might be something special.

Like any loving parent would be, I am pretty proud of both of my growing boys. I can’t help but think that they are just a bit smarter, a little more clever and a little more fun than all the rest of the kids out there. But I am biased and that is normal, right?

One thing I would like to be sure is clear about this whole project of Ryan’s is that the ideas and the motivation to move forward with it all originates with him. It was his idea to make sets of building blocks because “kids would have fun playing with them”. The plans were his to paint them, package them, sell them and support charity. My role has been one of supporting his ideas and plans. I am just along for the ride to where ever it goes.

Ryan’s mother and I have always said from day one, with regards to both of our boys, our main goal is to keep from messing them up. They are great boys and we just need to stay out of the way and help them grow up as such. There is that proud dad again…

If you find this story to be interesting or even somehow inspiring I hope you will take a moment to leave your comments here on the blog or tell a friend. Most of all I hope you might get some enjoyment out of following Ryan’s endeavors. We’re enjoying the ride.

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  1. Tryntje Keesler says:

    Fantastic job Ryan!!!

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