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Easy Builder building blocks
Red/Yellow/Green/Blue blocks
Yellow & red blocks
Green & Blue blocks
Gold & Bronze blocks
Natural/unfinished blocks
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Easy Builders

There are 12 Easy Builder building blocks in each set. They are painted with paint with exactly zero lead so babies do not get lead poison in their mouth. They come in a cloth bag. The bags are really sturdy and steady and it has a pull-string to close. You just pull the top apart to open.

The price for a set is $7.50.

I make the Easy Builders with good wood. I sand the edges and sand the tops and bottoms really well so your kids and babies will not get any slivers. They are sliver proof. The colors for the Easy Builders are red/yellow/green/blue, red/yellow, green/blue, gold/bronze and natural (unfinished). This is all of our colors.

Notes from Ryan

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